All About The License Plate Capture Cameras

License plate security cameras started in Europe long before they came to North America. There are two application choices in license plate capture cameras, a mobile mounted application, and a fixed camera solution. Mobile License Plate Security Cameras The cameras are mounted on vehicles, generally this type of application is used by law enforcement, parking managers, […]

Small Business Security Cameras are a must in Houston

With so much invested in your small business, it is critical to protect your establishment, and secure your small business in Houston with a security system that works. Houston Texas Crime Rate Crimes reported in Houston Texas are a bit different from what you’ll find in other parts of the country.  While other parts of […]

Proper and Improper use of Security Cameras at Your Business

Almost every business likes to save on cost, and cut spending where they can.  Security cameras at your business should be the last resort. Some companies install fake security cameras and consider that a reliable way of protecting assets.  It may or may not work, here’s what you may want to consider. Is there a […]

Server Room Nightmare – Worst Wiring Jobs Ever

When looking for a network security camera bid, don’t be quick to accept the lowest bidder, take some important factors into consideration such as clean installations that won’t leave you with a server room tangled mess. At we’ve been installing security cameras for the past 24 years, and we’ve seen some server room nightmares […]

How to Stop Theft at Work?

As a business, you are encouraged to become more vigilant and protect your assets by properly monitoring employee safety and protecting your business from theft or Fraud. Typically, theft in the workplace occurs by employees that have been there a while.  Whether they’re unhappy with their employment conditions, or feel they can comfortably get away with […]

Does a Commercial Surveillance System Lower Insurance Costs?

If you own a business, you know that protecting your products and employees is a serious matter. An effective commercial surveillance system can also save you money on an insurance policy. Whether you’re experiencing a theft problem, employee productivity issues or just want more insight on what’s going on with your business, a professional security […]

Preparing For a Business Security System Evaluation

Are you considering a new business security system? Use this easy checklist to help you prepare for your initial security evaluation. Business Security System Evaluation Meeting Ensure all personnel involved in the decision making process are available during the meeting, this will allow our team to answer all their questions, and avoid any additional time […]

Are Business Security Cameras a Good Idea?

Commercial security cameras are increasing in the workplace, business surveillance allows you to monitor and know what’s happening at work when you’re not around. According to the American Management Association, approximately 48% of employers use video monitoring & surveillance in the workplace. Our Houston security camera specialists work closely with businesses in the area to […]

Stop Theft with Houston Surveillance Camera Installation

While Houston retail store owners have to be concerned with shoplifting and other forms of customer theft, these are not the only types of theft occurring in their stores. In fact, it is more common for store employees to steal from their employers using various tactics and methods which will go unnoticed unless you obtain […]

What Quality of Surveillance Camera Hardware Do You Use?

One of the biggest issues business owners have with their security systems is the quality of the surveillance camera hardware after a break in, vandalism, or theft. Some owners often do not even realize there are any potential problems with the cameras connected to their recording device. When the system is first installed, they tend […]

Full Site Evaluation with Security Camera Installation in Houston

Proper security camera installation in Houston should begin with a complete site evaluation. While you might already know what you want in a complete security system, you may have overlooked key areas of your business prone to theft that were missed. A detailed site analysis identifies multiple locations both inside your business and outside. Part […]

Prevent Break-Ins with High Quality Surveillance Equipment

Experienced robbers and thieves often plan their crimes by staking out their target well ahead of time. They might monitor your business to see when you come and go. Once they become familiar with your routine, they start planning their crime. You can easily prevent being the target of a break-in with the right surveillance […]