2020 Security Concerns and Business Budgeting

As tensions rise throughout the country, civil unrest is a real possibility. Not since the Civil Rights Movement has the United States seen such strife. And while this will hopefully usher in a new era in social justice and political stewardship, small businesses have many concerns that aren’t easily alleviated. Vandalism during protests and budgeting for the future during COVID remain crucial aspects that a business must address to keep its doors open. If you’re a business owner, take heed: you’ll need sound security and budgetary plans to remain viable. Here’s how to do it.

Ways to Protect Your Business During Civil Unrest

Protecting your business during civil unrest is more than just boarding up the windows. It takes a wide approach that covers almost any scenario. Take these suggestions to keep your liability at a minimum.

Security Cameras and Surveillance Systems

Security cameras and comprehensive surveillance systems are an excellent way to keep your business safe. The most problematic aspect is deciding which system works for you. Fortunately, you have choices. With wireless and wired systems, a variety of different types of cameras, and remotely monitored systems, you can protect your business from vandals and rioters who can masquerade as protesters. Plus, these systems act as a deterrent, making your business less likely to fall victim to theft or property damage.

Employee Vigilance

If your business operates with an onsite staff, ask them to remain vigilant. They should be aware of any unusual activity and report it immediately. As a fail safe, business owners should also have a plan on how to handle situations that could erupt into criminal elements.

Develop a Business Continuity Plan

A business continuity plan is the framework that allows your business to return to normal operations following a disaster or unrest. Within this document, outline your overall preparedness, disaster/unrest emergency response, and how to return to business after the event. The more detailed this plan is, the better your odds of success after unrest subsides.

Business Budgeting Tips During Uncertain Times

Business budgeting during a global pandemic, a contested presidential election, and civil unrest is a difficult venture. Uncertainty and volatility reign, leaving you with question marks throughout your cash flow sheet and overall budget.

To develop and maintain this budget, you’ll need a strategy that hinges on prioritization. Instead of financial precision, you may want to adopt an overall business strategy with a contingency plan. Furthermore, you may have to consider other aspects, namely if you’ll have to cut back employee hours or how to reduce other costs. Remember that you’ll still need a strong surveillance and security budget to curb the threat of vandalism and theft. But doing so will prevent additional losses that can sink your business in the future.

The United States has long proven that even the most difficult scenarios and challenges aren’t insurmountable. But as a business owner, you just need to stay one step ahead. By addressing security concerns and budgeting, you can—at the very least—put yourself in a position for present and future success. In a difficult 2020, that’s one of the few things you can take solace in.

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