4 Fall Security and Safety Tips for Your Business

Every season is important to your business, but many companies face a bit of a lull between the busy summer months and the holidays. That’s what makes fall the perfect time of the year to focus on improving safety and security at your business. No matter what your budget is, implementing a few of these tips can ensure the security of your employees and customers while improving your business as a whole. Find out more here.

1. Add Some Security Lighting

As the seasons change from summer to fall, the amount of daylight starts to drop drastically. As such, parts of your business that may have had enough lighting in the summer now have very little. To deter burglars or vandals, adding security lighting in the form of dusk-to-dawn or motion-sensor lights is a smart idea. In some cases, you can even install these yourself, taking some of the cost and hassle out of the upgrade.

2. Do Some System Maintenance

System maintenance includes your computers, but also the emergency systems that protect your employees and customers. This fall, you can certainly update your cybersecurity measures, but don’t forget about some of the basics. Checking your smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers, as well as updating your emergency evacuation plans are integral to keeping everyone safe.

3. Consider an Update to Your Surveillance System

Fall is a great time to update your business surveillance system, especially if you’ve neglected it for some time. Faulty cameras, blind spots, or just poor initial installation can lead to a number of problems in terms of safety and security. So if your surveillance is a bit outdated, add an upgrade to your to-do checklist.

4. Get on Top of Cleaning and Landscaping

While spring cleaning is a common occurrence, fewer businesses think about a deep fall cleaning. However, it’s integral to safety and security in a number of ways.

Inside your office, dust and clutter can settle just about anywhere, which poses a significant fire threat. Throw out anything you don’t need, digitize paperwork if possible, and give your office a deep clean — whether you do it yourself or hire someone.

You should also keep a watchful eye on your landscaping. Poorly manicured exteriors provide burglars and vandals with places to hide in wait, while piles of leaves or other debris can obstruct surveillance or hide holes in your fence.

Plus, cleaning your office or retail space and taking care of the exterior provides your business with a fresh, clean look that can bring in customers and make your business a more comfortable place to work.

Choose the Perfect Security Contractor

As a final note, choosing the perfect security contractor can actually reap benefits over less-reputable options. An experienced business security company like Texas Surveillance and Security ensures that no stone is left unturned in terms of camera placement, the best surveillance systems for your budget, and simply the peace of mind knowing your business is protected. As you ramp up for the busy holiday season, a little less worry can go a long way.

Our team is ready to help you find the perfect surveillance and security system for your business anywhere in Texas.  Call us for a detailed assessment and proposal.

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