All About Mobile Monitoring With Surveillance Trailers AKA Construction Cameras

Onsite surveillance is a necessity for businesses in many industries. However, construction is one such industry that requires 24-hour surveillance to protect its assets, including people and property. The problem is that construction sites may not have a power source or Wi-Fi necessary to run today’s surveillance systems. But that shouldn’t deter construction companies from setting up proper surveillance. Thanks to mobile surveillance trailers, construction companies can enjoy round-the-clock surveillance that ensures smooth operations and minimizes loss or risk.

What Is a Mobile Surveillance Trailer?

Also known as construction cameras, mobile surveillance trailers are portable surveillance units that provide reliable monitoring of construction sites. Typically, these units are powered via solar panels, eliminating the need for power sources and internet access. Videos recorded by these surveillance units are usually sent to a remote site, providing 24-hour monitoring by a trained professional. With remote surveillance, tampering or stealing the security video becomes impossible, further enhancing the advantages of a mobile surveillance trailer.

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Features of Mobile Surveillance Trailers

Mobile surveillance units come with a variety of different features. But most have at least a few aspects in common:

  • Some type of mobile power source (diesel fuel or solar power)
  • Two wheels for easy transport between sites
  • Some type of camera
  • A telescoping tower for the camera to expand the viewing area

More expensive units may also have LED lighting for an added layer of security, as well as a PTZ (pan tilt zoom) camera that allows the operator to investigate all angles of a job site. The good news is that, regardless of the features of the mobile surveillance unit, these construction cameras provide top-notch surveillance. The only thing you need to do is choose which camera works best for you.

Benefits of Mobile Surveillance Trailers

While constant surveillance gives you peace of mind, it also provides a number of other benefits and advantages that other units can’t. Here’s a glance at some of the top advantages of renting or owning a mobile surveillance trailer.

Cost Savings

Although mobile surveillance trailers may seem expensive at first glance, they’re far less expensive than any other alternative. Security guards aren’t always cheap; plus, you may have to shell out for insurance and retirement. In addition, traditional security systems require power or Wi-Fi for operation—two added costs that can eat into your bottom line. Mobile surveillance trailers, on the other hand, don’t require any of these features. Plus, solar units can provide their own power without any additional costs.

24/7 Surveillance

You’ve probably seen movies or television shows with distracted or sleeping security guards. But with a mobile surveillance trailer, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Monitored remotely, you have trained professionals watching your construction site 24/7.


You may have hundreds of thousands of dollars of equipment at your remote work site. Naturally, you want to keep it safe from theft, and that’s why a mobile surveillance unit is ideal. Sure, these cameras monitor your jobsite, but more importantly, they act as a deterrent. As soon as thieves see these cameras, they’re far less like to act out of opportunity or impulse.

Although construction sites have limited options for mobile surveillance, construction cameras are an effective, affordable option. By installing mobile surveillance units, construction companies can limit liability and other issues while increasing overall worker safety. That’s something every worker, foreman, and owner will appreciate.

Want to know more about construction site cameras?  Give us a call and put our experience to work for you.  We will help you monitor and save money at the same time, anywhere in Texas.

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