Back to School Monitoring and Security

Just when Americans thought life was returning to normal, the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus decided it had other ideas. Mask mandates returned, some people received a moratorium on a return to the office, and schooling suddenly got more complicated. As a result, monitoring of students and workers has become just as important as it was a year ago.

With uncertainty surrounding the impact of the delta strain on hospitals and the level of contagion, a cautious approach is necessary to prevent the spread of the virus in both schools and offices. And that’s why back-to-office and back-to-school monitoring and security have become integral to the safety of people everywhere. Before the mass return to places of learning and traditional offices, learn the importance of monitoring and why it has a rightful place in your building, at least for now.

The Unknown Factor of the Delta Variant and CDC Guidelines

From late June to late July, the seven-day moving average of COVID infections rose from 12,000 to 60,000 as a result of the highly contagious delta variant factor. While similar to the original strain of COVID-19, the delta variant still hasn’t been as widely studied due to a variety of factors, especially its relative infancy into the human population.

However, the CDC has updated its guidelines to minimize the risk of spread and infection, even in those who have been vaccinated. While unvaccinated people remain the highest level of concern, even vaccinated people are at risk of contracting the disease, which can cause more severe illness in both unvaccinated and vaccinated patients.

As a result, the CDC has recommended that anyone in crowded public places, especially indoors, should wear a mask indefinitely. Despite these recommendations, mask mandates have turned into a political background, which may increase the risk of transmission in places that oppose such a mandate.

Thermal Cameras as a Way to Prevent COVID Spread

To stymie the spread of the COVID delta variant, many schools and offices are turning to monitor and security technology. Since the start of the COVID pandemic, temperature-reading devices and thermal technology have become more widespread.

However, thermal technology has one distinct advantage: a no-contact approach to determining high-risk students and workers. With thermal technology, a person can stand in front of a camera and have their temperature taken while posing no risk to the person behind the camera. This is especially important for those found to have high temperatures, as well as those who may have been exposed to the virus but aren’t showing any symptoms.

As a precautionary approach to reduce the spread of the delta variant, no other technology has been found more effective than the addition of thermal cameras to a monitoring and security system.

Other Security and Monitoring Systems to Reduce COVID Cases

In addition to thermal imaging cameras, business owners may also want to consider remote camera systems. These cameras allow managers and business owners to monitor the activities of their employees to ensure they’re following mask-wearing protocols and other safety measures. Plus, a remote camera system can be viewed from anywhere with an internet connection, providing instant monitoring of employees to ensure that COVID doesn’t spread throughout the office.

Don’t Leave the Safety of Students and Workers to Chance

Although thermal cameras and monitoring systems may feel like an unnecessary expenditure, leaders can’t put a price on the safety of students and workers. While you can’t prevent COVID from spreading outside of the office or school, this one step can prevent a small outbreak that can leave your reputation tarnished or your workforce crippled. To that degree, the small investment is worth the price.


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