Body Temperature Monitoring in the Age of Covid-19

As businesses throughout Houston begin to make their way back to normal, everyone is taking steps to ensure the safety of their employees and customers by implementing certain procedures, equipment, and protocols in order to open for business safely.

Social Distancing

Employees are trained on new procedures as they return to work and many are required to wear mask and social distance during their work day.

Personal Protective Equipment

While businesses require their customers to wear masks, they are also investing in personal protective equipment (PPE) for their employees.

Monitoring Elevated Temperatures

Some businesses are checking elevated body temperatures of customers and employees upon arrival which can also be an indicator of illness present.

This elevated temperature monitoring has received a lot of controversy and for good reason.  In order to check the temperature of each person, another person must do it by being in close contact.  This in itself defeats the purpose of keeping a safe distance.

Contactless Elevated Body Temperature Monitoring

Thermal imaging cameras have eliminated many of the concerns businesses have.  These cameras are affordable, easy to setup and can screen many people as they walk by for a set elevated body temperature. 

Employers have placed them near employee entrances and/or customer entries.

There is no contact required, and it’s safe, discreet and non-invasive.  A true feeling of normalcy.  Who wants to feel like they’re entering a doctor’s office just to grab a lunch?

We at Texas Surveillance & Security have served the commercial and industrial sectors in Houston for multiple decades.


Our specialty is commercial grade surveillance and security services.  No one can beat our price, turnaround and service when it comes to thermal imaging cameras.  We can ship nationwide and have helped many businesses, municipalities, schools, and manufacturers implement this easy setup camera to help them navigate through this ever changing pandemic.

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