Digital Surveillance Systems for Businesses

The days of analog surveillance systems are over. With the advent of new surveillance technology, digital surveillance systems are changing the way businesses protect their employees, customers, and property.

However, new digital systems also provide a plethora of other benefits beyond security. Find out what makes digital surveillance systems the perfect accouterment to your business.

Versatility of Digital Surveillance Systems

Unlike analog systems, digital surveillance systems work in a variety of environments and are far easier to install. In industrial and commercial applications, these cameras can be mounted in places that capture a wider angle or cover sensitive areas.

Wi-Fi surveillance systems add another dimension to your security by sending pictures and videos via a closed network.

Ease of Storage and Accessibility

When a digital surveillance system is active, it captures, stores, and compresses videos, then sends them to a cloud or server for storage. This enables your business to house months or even years of video without taking up valuable storage space.

Another bonus is that any employee with the proper credentials can log in to a remote site and monitor your business operations. Whether you’re out of town for a business meeting or on vacation, you can check in on your business operations with only the internet, putting your mind at ease.

Improve Employee Productivity

At first glance, improved productivity due to a digital surveillance system may seem like a Machiavellian way to rule with an iron fist, but that’s not the case. With a monitored work environment, your employees can focus on their tasks and take breaks without safety concerns. That’s a win-win situation for any small business owner.

Deter Theft and Vandalism

Perhaps the most common reason that many businesses install cameras is to deter theft and vandalism. Digital surveillance systems have this aspect covered. Thanks to crystal-clear picture quality and less chance of an outage than analog systems, digital solutions can prevent theft from outsiders or employees.

Simple Scaling

If your business expands, you’ll need more cameras to cover the increase in floor or exterior space. Fortunately, digital surveillance systems are simple to install and integrate over a larger area than their analog counterparts. With little to no wiring necessary, you can set up cameras as you need them.

Cost Savings

As a business owner, one of your most arduous tasks is finding out ways to cut costs.

Digital surveillance systems may have a higher up-front cost per camera, but they save you money in other ways. Less wiring and infrastructure puts more money in your pocket. In addition, the enhanced picture quality with zoom capability allows you to have fewer cameras to cover one area than outdated surveillance systems.

Finally, digital systems compress and store everything on a cloud or hard drive, limiting the amount of money you have to spend on storage space or hard copies.

Monitor Your Staff

While digital surveillance systems will undoubtedly make your staff feel safer and more productive, you may come across times when you need to monitor your staff for other reasons.

By logging into the digital surveillance system, you can gather valuable information on worker disputes, insurance claims, employee theft, and punctuality. This can help you mediate situations, address any issues, and get the most out of your employees.

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With so many benefits and advantages over analog systems, digital surveillance systems are improving the way small business owners conduct their operations. For a safer, more secure, and efficient business, join the digital surveillance system revolution today.

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