Gun Store Security Cameras in Houston Caught Theft in Action

Retail Stores and businesses all over Houston TX are taking precautions against theft in the area by installing security cameras to monitor their property and protect it from crime.

Crime Rate in Houston TX

The robbery rate in Houston alone is at 233 per 100,000.  That’s nearly double that of other cities. Business owners are finding themselves vulnerable, but they’re fighting back with store security cameras in Houston and surrounding cities.

Gun Store Security Cameras Catch Robbery in Action

Protecting your business from theft is no laughing matter.  The thieves aren’t always outsiders.  Many store security cameras have caught employees red handed while on the job.

The cost of theft to business owners in the U.S. each year is estimated between $20 billion and $50 billion dollars, making it a widespread problem and a big challenge to face.


Fight Back by Installing Store Security Systems

Over time, the return on investment is realized quickly.  There is a wide range of options to choose from when it comes to surveillance systems.

First, our professionals understand your needs and assess the location you’re interested in securing, followed by determining the security solution best fit for you and your budget.  Various details will be taken into consideration before you security camera selection begins.

Our goal at Texas Surveillance and Security in Houston is to provide you with professional installations and the best products available on the market.

We’ve been providing security and surveillance to commercial clients since 1993 and have NO complaints.  This makes us both proud and eager to work with our local community.

Give our team a call and let us help you with a commercial security system that fits your need whether you own a retail store, manufacturing facility, or industrial location.

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