Plan and Budget for Your Business Security Systems Early

Business security systems are essential to the livelihood, profitability, and reputation of your business. They provide safety for customers, vendors, and employees, allow you to monitor your operations and keep your assets safe from vandals and thieves. The downside is that they aren’t exactly cheap, especially if you have a large business or facility.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t purchase a security system based on your revenue levels. To plan and budget for your business security system, start early and follow a few simple steps.

How to set up a business security systems budget

Budgeting for a business security system is remarkably similar to budgeting for any other investment in your business. You need to lay the framework so you don’t overextend or overpay for your system.

If you’ve allocated no money to a security budget, that’s a good place to start. Find other parts of your expenses or budget where you can cut expenses and divert them to a security system budget. To do this, you may need to reassess fixed and variable costs, as well as reexamine your revenue streams. A profit-loss statement may also help you ascertain your bottom line and the amount of funds you have to play with as opposed to going solely with revenue or gross income.

Once you’ve calculated these figures, create a separate expense entry for security and surveillance. This will eventually serve as your account to pay monthly bills (if necessary) or pay for security upgrades. But for now, this will just be a savings account.

Be realistic about how much security you can afford. An overestimate is always better than an underestimate. Stick to this amount, and you won’t feel pinched when the time comes to purchase your security system.

Types of Business Security Systems Available

Now that you’ve figured your budget out, it’s time to decide which type of business security system gels with your business. For example, if you have an outdoor business such as construction, wired systems aren’t an option. Instead, you may want to purchase a solar-powered surveillance system or a wireless unit, if applicable.

Retail stores, offices, and warehouses benefit from the ability to use a wider variety of cameras and security systems, as these can come either wireless or hard-wired into a power source.

Moreover, the sheer number of options can give you a better ability to choose the right product to fit your budget. Some of the options include:

  • Video surveillance (IP, wired, wireless, and solar)
  • Intrusion detection, such as motion sensors and alarms
  • System monitoring through a third-party provider
  • Access controls, including key fobs, biometrics, and keycards

The type of system you choose will be a mix of budgetary restraints and the level of security you desire within your business.

Finding the Right Business Security Company to Work With

Even after you find the perfect security system, your work doesn’t end there. You also need to find someone to construct a detailed plan of camera placement and what other security products you need for maximum protection.

Our team at Texas Surveillance and Security have been helping businesses in the Houston and Texas area for multiple decades.  We begin by assessing your needs and provide you with options that fit your business needs and budget.

Whether you operate a manufacturing, industrial, retail, or office facility in one location or multiple locations.  We can help.  Contact us for a detailed assessment and proposal.

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