How To Protect Your Business This Summer

Outside of the end-of-year holiday rush, summer is the time when many businesses thrive. But if you’re a business owner, you may feel like you still have no time for some much-needed vacation or a little R&R. However, protecting your business and making sure it runs smoothly aren’t out of the realm of possibility if you can manage priorities. If you want to learn how to protect your business this summer, here are a few easy-to-apply tips from our team at Texas Surveillance and Security.

Build Your Online Defense

If any or all of your business is online, summer is the ideal time to boost your defense. Hackers, spammers, phishers, and other white-collar criminals are always looking for businesses with weak defense systems or poorly chosen passwords. If these individuals succeed in hacking your business, it can cause you a number of financial issues and even tarnish your company’s reputation.

However, you can apply a few different ideas to limit the chance of a full-scale cyber attack:

  • Strengthen your passwords. If your employees have passwords that can open sensitive information, work with them to create better passwords that can mitigate the risk of an attack.
  • Add a VPN (a virtual private network). Although VPNs are often used to remove paywalls or trick servers into thinking you’re somewhere else geographically, they’re also excellent ways to protect your business. Using a secure, remote internet connection, a VPN adds another line of defense against hackers.

Add Thermal Imaging

Just when you thought COVID was on its way out, new variants of the virus continue to emerge and spread. Politics aside, your greatest responsibility as a business owner is to protect your staff, customers, and their families.

While you could implement a mask mandate, thermal imaging technology makes COVID screening easier than ever. Thermal imaging simply determines the temperature of people entering your business. If their temperature is above 100.4 degrees, the system can alert you, keeping potential infections by the wayside.

Our Texas Surveillance and Security company has helped many local businesses, schools and municipal agencies implement an affordable and effective thermal imaging camera.

Update Your Security and Surveillance

When the temperatures warm up, more people are out and about. While that can translate to improved sales via word-of-mouth or foot traffic, it can also lead to more criminal activity. Criminals are opportunists; give them the chance to steal or vandalize and they’ll take advantage of the situation.

So instead of allowing these opportunities, think about updating or upgrading your security and surveillance systems. By doing so, you can take advantage of the upgrade in picture quality and Wi-Fi capabilities, as well as the chance to cover your protect your entire business from top to bottom.

Get Organized

Getting your business organized may not seem like it’s a way to protect your business or make it safer, but it’s actually one of the best things you can do. Organization — both digital and onsite — ensures that you aren’t inadvertently leaking information or losing sensitive information without realizing it. The more you organize, the more secure your business becomes.

Ask for Help When Necessary

As a failsafe, always ask for help when you need it. We specialize and only offer business security and surveillance products, cybersecurity, or organizational expertise. The investment you make will surely pay dividends so you can enjoy the non-business side of your summer.

Give us a call for a detailed assessment and proposal on all your surveillance needs.

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