How to Stop Theft at Work?

As a business, you are encouraged to become more vigilant and protect your assets by properly monitoring employee safety and protecting your business from theft or Fraud.

Typically, theft in the workplace occurs by employees that have been there a while.  Whether they’re unhappy with their employment conditions, or feel they can comfortably get away with it, no one really knows why people steal in the workplace, but here are some things you can do as a business owner to protect your workplace from theft and fraud.

Know and Supervise Employees Closely

Always check references for potential hires, but if an employee is responsible for handling money or critical financial records, a background check is safer and better.

Monitor reactions of existing employees and look for key indicators or sudden changes such as working late, spending money and leading a lifestyle beyond their salary level, alcohol and drug abuse, evidence of gambling or persistent borrowing of money.

Stop Theft by Implementing Procedures

Implement procedures that help you monitor the daily activities closely.  “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, payments and purchase orders should be handled by different employees.  Use numbered purchase orders to verify proper purchasing.

Implement a regular “self audit” without announcing it ahead of time, and rely on an outside auditor yearly.

Place office accessories and inventory in a locked room with a check out list.

Stop Theft by Installing a Surveillance System

Using a security surveillance system can help you monitor the workplace even if you’re not there.  It’s not always employees thieving, robberies can occur at any time, a surveillance system can help you capture it on video.


A false accusation by an employer can lead to lawsuits.  Having evidence such as footage and recorded surveillance will ensure you are protected as an employer when accusing an employee of theft. is a leading surveillance and security cameras company in Houston Texas.  View a list of our existing clients in the area.

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