What Quality of Surveillance Camera Hardware Do You Use?

One of the biggest issues business owners have with their security systems is the quality of the surveillance camera hardware after a break in, vandalism, or theft. Some owners often do not even realize there are any potential problems with the cameras connected to their recording device. When the system is first installed, they tend to play back the recordings and, depending on the time of day, the images may appear good enough.

But good enough is not sufficient when it comes to making out people’s faces and other details in the recordings. In the event your business is broken into, vandalized, or a theft occurs, the last thing you want to present the police with is a grainy image of the suspects the police are unable to use to assist in their investigation. Unfortunately, many business owners have systems installed which are insufficient and do not even realize it.

Differences in Surveillance Camera Resolutions Matter

The key to having high quality surveillance camera records in the resolution of the installed cameras. There are numerous cameras on the market today, each with their own maximum resolution. Another thing to keep in mind is the maximum resolution does not always mean the recorded images are this quality. If there are forms of interference in the background, it also affects the image quality, such as bright sunlight, darkness, low light levels, and so on.

The most basic resolution is 640 x 480, common in VGA cameras. It is the lowest resolution possible and frequently does not deliver the quality needed for more detailed recording images. The next step up is 1280 x 1024 or 1.3 megapixels (MP). The resolution on these cameras is 4.25 times better than VGA. Above this is 2.0 MP or 1600 x 1200 resolution cameras, and these provide 6.25 time better image quality than VGA. On the highest end of camera resolution, there are 3.1 MP or 2048 x 1536 cameras with 10 times higher quality than VGA and 5.0 MP or 2592 x 1944 cameras offering 16.4 times better resolution than basic VGA models.

As camera resolution increases, so does the image quality of your security recordings. If you desire the highest and sharpest images, then you have to obtain better surveillance cameras. Another benefit to installing the best cameras with your security system is the reduction in the total number of cameras required. The image quality also provides a wider field range and viewing area captured in the security recordings. Some models include options which allow you to zoom in on paused images captured on your security footage without degradation to the image quality.

Whether you have an existing security system already installed, need one installed, or are considering upgrading, the best thing to do is to call us today at 281-326-0790 to schedule your free onsite security review. Our professional security technicians will prepare a customized site plan detailing which areas should be covered by cameras, the best camera hardware to use, and other pertinent information as part of their review of your property.


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