Telltale Signs You Should Update Your Business Security Systems

Maybe you’ve noticed an inordinate amount of shrinkage at your business, false alarms, or something else that’s caused you to hit the panic button. While some of these issues are easily resolved, others require a bit more focus and legwork: one of those is your business security system. Without a properly functioning business security system, you leave your business at risk for all kinds of catastrophes. So the next time you have a bit of extra money in the budget, look out for these telltale signs you need to update your security and surveillance.

1. You Have High Employee Turnover or Your Business Is Growing

Good employees can help you improve your bottom line, expand your business, and provide a synergy to boost your reputation. However, you can’t control all aspects of your team. Turnover is extremely industry-related, and even if you maintain your current employees, hiring new ones is always a gamble — even with thorough background checks.

You may trust your long-tenured employees or even new ones, but an updated business security system that can see the entire business is a godsend. It acts as a deterrent against theft, keeping suspect employees in check while also respecting the privacy and good-naturedness of your long-term staff.

2. False Alarms

To some degree, false alarms seem almost like a sigh of relief — at least you know your security system works. However, multiple or frequent false alarms can be a cause for an actual alarm. These alarms may result in fines from local police, you can lose productivity, and you eat up valuable resources and time. None of these are conducive to success.

So if you have frequent false alarms, you may want to consider an update to your business security system — or at the very least — hire someone to take a look at it.

3. You Don’t Know the Last Time You Upgraded Your Security System

Much like computers and other technology, business security systems can quickly become outdated, especially with the rapid advancement of technology. However, most systems become out of date within 10 years — meaning you don’t have the parts to fix them nor do they measure up with the quality standards of modern security systems.

If you can’t remember the last time you upgraded your security system or you bought a building with one already installed, you should at least conduct an audit to see if it’s worth keeping or if an upgrade is in order.

4. Noticeable Increase in Theft or Shrinkage

Although 25% to 40% of theft is from employees, most of the time, it’s all a crime of opportunity — regardless of who does it. While businesses often have to account for some amount of shrinkage, a noticeable uptick is a surefire sign that something’s probably wrong with your security system.

Whether you have blind spots, the footage is grainy, or thieves can surmise that the system is unreliable, a change is in order to deter additional loss.

Spring for a Trusted Security System Installer

At we’ve helped businesses throughout the Texas area maximize the benefits when shopping for a security system. For multiple decades, we’ve been the go to company for Texas security.

You could certainly install a business surveillance system on your own, but when you think about the added time to learn the installation and actually complete the service, it quickly adds up.

Plus, your time is more adequately put toward your business operations. So rather than attempt a haphazard installation, call us for an assessment, a detailed quote and to install your business security system. It’s probably one of the best moves you’ll make all year.

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