Why You Should Update Your Business Surveillance System This Spring

Spring is an exciting time for many businesses as consumers look the break free from the cabin fever caused by a long winter. And while updating your software, improving the look of your store, and hiring new employees as needed are all important, don’t forget about your business surveillance system. By updating your business surveillance system this spring, you can take advantage of new technologies while also protecting your staff, customers, and assets. Here’s what you should consider.

1. Your Cameras Are Outdated

According to most surveillance and security experts, surveillance equipment for businesses is rapidly changing. So if you haven’t updated your cameras or security system in the past five years, you may find that your current system is obsolete.

Newer cameras provide a host of features that can make a drastic improvement to security and surveillance through zooming, higher resolution, some level of audio, and more. So if you’ve passed the five-year period without an upgrade to your cameras, this spring is the time to get everything back on track.

2. Taking Advantage of New Technology

Along with better resolution, zoom, and wireless features, new business surveillance equipment also comes with improved technology for ease of use. Two of the most major upgrades of surveillance equipment in the past several years are the use of a cloud and remote viewing.

The cloud allows you to store days of footage, but instead of using hard drives or external storage options, all the information goes to a remote server known as the cloud. With this technology, you can save your footage without having to buy more hardware or take up valuable storage space.

Moreover, the ability to view cameras remotely provides more versatility for you as a business owner. As long as you have a camera system with a remote-viewing option, you can check your cameras from anywhere in the world, provided you have an internet connection. This allows you to conduct other tasks out of the office without losing your ability to monitor your business.

For many decades, Texas Surveillance and Security in Houston always remains on the cutting edge of new technological advancements.  We focus on the latest, most efficient and affordable systems for our commercial and industrial clients.

3. Business Expansion

Expanding your business is the goal of almost every business owner. So whether you’re expanding in the same building or moving to a new location, you still need to consider your business surveillance system needs.

However, the expansion of your business provides you with the ideal time to upgrade your system. If you’re already updating other aspects of your business in conjunction with your move, doing the same for your business security is a no-brainer. And with all of the upgraded products available, you can find the right cameras and surveillance to fit your expansion budget.

How To Get the Right Surveillance Updates for Your Business

This spring, you can put some of your budgets toward a surveillance upgrade, but always make sure you have the right contractor in place. By hiring an experienced company, you ensure that your surveillance system is installed correctly and functions just as it should. Call us a Texas Surveillance and Security in Houston.  We will be happy to evaluate your particular needs, provide you with a complimentary assessment and a detailed proposal for all your business surveillance needs.

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