Are Business Security Cameras a Good Idea?

Commercial security cameras are increasing in the workplace, business surveillance allows you to monitor and know what’s happening at work when you’re not around.

According to the American Management Association, approximately 48% of employers use video monitoring & surveillance in the workplace.

Our Houston security camera specialists work closely with businesses in the area to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of keeping a close eye.

Any legal issues with Commercial Security Cameras?

The legality of commercial surveillance vary by state with clear regulations and rules to follow relating to off-limit areas within the workplace.  

As a preferred Houston security camera contractor, we e follow strict guidelines and regulations for commercial security camera installations in the state of Texas.

Do business where you please, while your mind is at ease!

Advantages of Business Surveillance Cameras

  1. Decrease inappropriate behavior in the workplace and insure employees adhere to company policies.
  2. Eliminate Theft – Know one likes to think they’ve hired a thief, but it’s something you must consider and prevent.  Business security cameras deter thieves from stealing.
  3. Stop harassment in the workplace – Employees aware of the cameras will think twice about harassing another employee in the workplace.

Disadvantages of Commercial Surveillance

If you’ve never had cameras, it’s important to hold a meeting and discuss the new change with your employees.  

Employee morale may suffer if they think you don’t trust them or you’re putting cameras in place simply to monitor their performance.

Open communication should eliminate employee fear and boost their morale.

If you’re a business owner looking for a commercial security camera contractor in Houston, give our specialists a call.  

We’ll provide you with a comprehensive complimentary evaluation and together outline a commercial surveillance system that will help ease your mind while you’re away from the workplace.

If you already have security cameras at work, leave us a comment below, we’d love to know your opinion on the subject.

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