All About The License Plate Capture Cameras

License plate security cameras started in Europe long before they came to North America. There are two application choices in license plate capture cameras, a mobile mounted application, and a fixed camera solution.

Mobile License Plate Security Cameras

The cameras are mounted on vehicles, generally this type of application is used by law enforcement, parking managers, and other city, county and federal vehicles.

The cameras use optical character recognition to clearly return an image of a license plate, after all if the image is not clear it’s rendered useless.

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Fixed license Plate Capture Cameras

The security cameras are generally mounted on a fixture, a pole, a wall, a gate, to essentially do the same thing, capture a clear image of a license plate on a moving vehicle.

Many gated communities, traffic control areas, banks and businesses with loading docks apply this type of camera in addition to their commercial security and surveillance systems.

Even if the license plate security cameras have been around for years, they’ve recently gained a lot of popularity after they’ve been featured on various reality shows, more specifically A&E’s parking wars.

Security systems in general are meant to secure the area, deter thieves and protect your business and employees from anyone looking to do harm.  If and when someone does, you want the best security system installed to identify the perpetrator and provide evidence to local law enforcement.

Choosing the correct commercial security cameras requires experience and in-depth understanding along with critical details to insure the data is there to rely on when you actually need it.  You’ll also want a system that’s flexible and capable of logistic and network requirements.

Our commercial surveillance and security installers in Houston are experienced in all commercial security systems, we’ve been installing commercial security cameras in the Houston area for over 20 years and have a wide list of satisfied clients throughout the area.

Whether you’re looking for an IP security camera system, or a license plate recognition system, we invite you to rely on our experience in commercial security and surveillance in Houston TX.  Give us a call and we’ll provide you with a no-obligation detailed security assessment.

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